Multi-anchor vs. styyl

We’ve written a review before about the multi-anchors and how happy we are with them. In advance, this has not changed even after testing the Styyl magnetic holders.

If you want to read the Multianker article beforehand, you can find it here:

What are the multi-anchors or the Styyl magnetic holders actually ?

Both tools have as their main task to fix the awning of your mobile no longer with pegs in the ground, but with the help of the respective tool on the side of the vehicle.

This has, for example, the advantage that the awning can be used even on subsoil such as concrete, and the worries in the wind in this connection will not be too great.

Price comparison

Both the Multianker system and the Styyl magnetic holders cost around 100 euros. The prices are steep, of course, but both are definitely worth the price. As far as we know, Multianker does not have direct sales, but Styyl does. The manufacturer operates its own web store. We bought our Styyl holders from Amazon and were promptly allowed to pay a premium for them.

The magnetic holders cost 93.90 Euros directly on the Styyl homepage, whereas Styyl demands 94.50 Euros on Amazon. In both stores no shipping costs are due.

Structure of the systems

Multi anchor

The multi-anchor relies on a suction system. The awning base is placed in the multi-anchor and locked, then the whole thing is placed on the vehicle. If you press the lever on the top of the multi-anchor, it sucks itself onto the vehicle and the awning holds.


The magnetic holder from Styyl takes a completely different approach. As the name suggests, Styyl uses a lot of small magnets instead of a suction system. These are located under the support surface, so the whole holds on the motorhome.

The fixing of the awning foot is also solved differently. The magnetic holder has a thread on the upper side, over which the opening for the pegs, which is located in the awning base, is inserted.

This brings the advantage that the bracket can first be placed in the desired location on the car, and the awning can be mounted afterwards. This is not possible with the multi-anchor system due to the bracket.

What should you buy now?

It is really not easy to decide, whether Styyl or Multianker, both systems are really 1a processed and fulfill the purpose 100%. You can also get accessories for both, such as a laundry bar.

At this point, we would like to draw up a small list of pros and cons and make a recommendation – from our point of view.

Per multi anchor

  • Very good workmanship
  • Good packaging (comes in a suitcase)
  • Can also be used on GRP motorhomes

Contra multi anchor

  • Due to the suction system a large / clunky design
  • Awning must first be mounted before the multi-anchor can be attached to the car

Pro Styyl Magnetic Holder

  • Compact design, therefore easy to stow away
  • Quick and easy assembly

Contra Styyl magnetic holder

  • Works only on sheet metal, logical due to the magnets (therefore usually only suitable for panel vans).


If you don’t have a system yet, then it’s really a 50/50 decision, both systems are equally good in our eyes. It depends on whether you are driving a motorhome or a camper. As described above, the magnetic holder can of course only be used on sheet metal, which is where the multi-anchor has an advantage due to its flexibility. On the other hand, mounting is easier with the Styyl mount.

If you already have a multi-anchor or Styyl, it is not worth changing.

Through the test, we now have both systems and the Styyl holder will now be used more often. The faster and easier assembly and especially the compact pack size convince us then a very little bit more.

Where to buy?

As already described above, you can get the multi-anchor at Amazon

Multi anchor


Should you decide to go for the magnetic variant, Styyl has provided us with a coupon code that will give you 10% off your order. On simply use the code “GRANDCALI” in the shopping cart.

Image gallery

Here you can have a look at both holders in detail:

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