Fulufjället National Park

Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? But it is a beautifully located national park in western Sweden, right on the border with Norway. The terrain consists mostly of tundra and thus promises a wonderful view of the vast countryside. Fulufjället National Park is characterized by two real peculiarities, which were finally the reason for our visit there.

1. the largest waterfall in Sweden

The highlight in Fulufjället is the largest waterfall in Sweden. With a height of 125 meters, Njupeskär is truly an experience. The special feature is the hiking trail, which leads over a unique plank path through the mountains, directly to the waterfall, so you can experience nature here up close.

We visited the national park in May, during this time it is still very quiet there. The visitor center is closed and accordingly you can truly enjoy your rest there. During our stay, we met two other hikers on the hike that lasted a good 2.5 hours.

2. old tjikko

The Old Tjikko was the real highlight for us. The spruce, perhaps the oldest tree in the world, stands in the mountains of the National Park. With an age of 9550 years, it is counted among the oldest clone trees. Standing in front of this tree, you somehow can’t get out of being stunned and experience a certain awe. You have to think about it, 9550 years! Simply madness! We visited the mammoth 🦣 trees on our USA travels and were impressed, however the thought of what Old Tjikko must have been through was just overwhelming. But also the other trees you pass on the way to the waterfall are really not youngsters. With an average age of 500 years, of course, only a fraction of Tjikko.

Without going further into the travel guide mode, we would like to give you a few tips along the way.

  • Visit the park early in the morning, when we mean early in the morning then really early, we were on the trail at 7am when we visited.
  • Note that camping or spending the night in the park is prohibited. Yes right, despite the Everyman’s Right, it is expressly forbidden to spend the night in the park, even in a camper in the parking lot. There are dozens of signs that draw attention to the ban. Only in the winter months is the overnight stay in the tent allowed. Pitches can be found outside, just outside the gates of the park, numerous. But here too, beware ⚠️, be sure to observe the boundaries of the park. -> Insert image from square
  • Do not fly a drone in the national park, it is a bird sanctuary.
  • Fire making is allowed only in the fireplaces created by the park.
  • And last but not least, plan to visit off season!

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